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Blue Beehive Studio

The Story of Blue Beehive Studio
Blue Beehive Studio was founded in 2012 by Melissa A. Moore when she decided to turn her interest in art and jewelry design into a full-time job . She decided to name the business name, "Blue Beehive Studio," and since then, many of her clients have asked, "Why 'Blue Beehive Studio'?" for the name?
The answer can be broken into three parts: First, she loves the color blue and wanted to incorporate a visual word that reminds her of open skies and soothing colors into the business name. Secondly, to tie the business to her personally, she made use of her name, 'Melissa', which is derived from the Greek word for 'bee'. She decided to use 'beehive' because of the many beautiful beehive shapes as well as for the admiration of the organization and dedication the bees have to the hive. Lastly, she decided on using "studio", so that while jewelry making started as the main focus, the store can broaden its inventory beyond jewelry, and one day may also host works from other artists.

Artist's Statement
Melissa A. Moore's inspiration is rooted in her life: the studies in science, interactions with nature and different cultures, and from society at large. Some of the pieces are inspired only in the patterns found in nature, while other pieces weave together various symbols that can be found in science, mythology, and folklore. To explore these interactions, she uses various types of media, such as paper, metal, and resin.

Melissa's background in science has helped shape many of her current pieces. She received her B.S. in biology from Loyola University Chicago, and later her M.S. in Biology from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. While at the University of Illinois, she began a doctoral program in biology studying fungi, but eventually decided to leave the program to pursue adventures in Texas. While in Texas, she studied jewelry design and production at the Dougherty Art Center in Austin, Texas. She continues to take metalsmith and art courses while running her business.

She currently resides in rural Ohio with her husband (a scientist and a source of a lot of her inspirations!) and three children.

"It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams."
- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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